A Writing Project

I’ve been straying too far from this blog and my writing life. It’s time to do something about it. For ages now, I have been putting off practising my writing, and ridiculing the very idea of even starting to write a poem, let alone a full-blown novel!

The way I best snap myself back into order and reality is through a project. A fresh project cures everything. And so begins the project of Unis De Pink… through this wonderful name I shall reignite the fire that used to glow brightly within me – my creativity.

Let me give this some background: I have a companion. She has been here since I was two years old… I remember how we met too. My family and I were in Toys R Us, and my mum told me I could choose anything I liked to take home. Obviously this was a big decision; if I chose wrong, I would be stuck with a terrible toy for the rest of the time I owned it.

I am so glad I chose the right one, I think as I look back now. You see, I was looking around, and that was when I saw her. Her fur was a beautiful shade of pink, shining and dazzling to the eye, her well-groomed mane and tail soft and of the purest white. From the middle of her majestic head protruded a single, twirling horn.

This companion is a unicorn. There were plenty of others on the shelf, but she was the one for me. I named her Unis.

The full title (see above) was to come later. I have already given a quick thought and the word “De” that goes between the two names was only given to those in possesion of a kingdom.

Unis Pink – for that was her name back then – grew in my heart. I gave her ten universes over time, officially earning her the title Unis De Pink. Unis has ruled over them for well over a billion unicorn-years. She is now affectionately known as “President of Pink”.

Background over! I must go… the project awaits. I shall build and entire kingdom, purely on my imagination. With a little help from Unis. 🙂


Cornucopia – As Promised

As I walked through the forest, it was impossible to ignore the beautiful surroundings. Trees whispered to one another excitedly as they spotted a new visitor; the sun peeked through their swaying arms to splatter the forest floor with its rays. The shockingly red leaves that fell softly from the branches collected on the soft green carpet down below. Plants fought for the sun’s affection – dainty little wildflowers shied away from the squabble, tucked away in small corners. I treaded gingerly so as not to disturb the tranquility I found within this place.

But something seemed amiss. I had no idea what it was – at least at the time. There was almost no wildlife around, but still occasionally I heard rustling in the undergrowth. It was an unusual mystery to me. But still I pressed on: those strange little events had no meaning to me while I was enjoying the perfect calmness of the forest.

I had no clue what was to happen next, as I strolled through the trees into a clearing. The grass here was greener and more lush, it had been left alone to do what it liked. No-one had been around for at least several years – no humans at least. There were some strange tracks in the grass. On closer inspection they revealed themselves to belong to some sort of horse.That’s funny, I thought to myself. Surely I would have seen any horses. And these tracks are recent!

Suddenly there was a great rumbling in the earth beneath my feet. Before I could escape, a huge majestic creature stood before me. Its powerful legs were topped by a strong, regal body which thinned into a elegantly curved neck. The head… its head was held up high like a king’s, with distinct cheekbones and deep, intelligent eyes. From the middle of the forehead there protruded a single, beautiful horn.

Of course, I took in the long, silken mane and tail. But I still couldn’t believe what now stood before me. A unicorn. It seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see it!

After a long silence, it was not me who broke it. “…You’ve found my clearing.” The unicorn had a soft, female voice. She was less annoyed than shocked that I had interrupted the peace of her resting place. “And you’ve found me.” She was disappointed – if she had not sounded so downright upset, I might have rushed off and told everyone of my discovery. But the deep sadness in her voice discouraged me. This creature wanted to stay hidden. What will she be driven to do to stay this way?

…To be continued.

Cornucopia – I Knew Something Would Rise…

Try this writing exercise. Sit in front of your desk, or the kitchen table, or the picnic table outside. Whatever sparks creativity best. Don’t have any computer in front of you. Not just yet…For now – just a pen and paper.

Write a word down. Any word. Maybe the most interesting word you’ve learnt today, or just the first word that pops into your mind. Do not take longer than 30 seconds on this. Even that is a very generous time for me to give.

Write. You may get your laptop now, if you wish. But no internet or emails! Just uninterrupted writing. Write whatever you want based on that word. I am doing mine with the word cornucopia. How about you?

Emmy – Ego For My Worries

Have you ever made an alter ego who is your perfect self?

Sure. Everyone has. If you haven’t, you should seriously consider it. Takes a weight off.

Anyway, this post is short and snappy since I’m running out of time; I have the Sunday Night Blues. Yup, I’ve finally fallen prey to it…

And it sucks. Like, really ultra-sucks. Ultra-mega-holy cow-sucks.

Forunately, Emmy shall come to the rescue. My perfect self. Who I aim to be. She shall take over in the place where I spend over half my day, 5 days a week… Most of the year, I kinda forgot the number. Unhappily for me (the major introvert and loner I am) there are a lot of people in this place. Around 6000, we’re talking. I see all of them every day.

And it kills me. Slowly it is destroying my tender lonely structure. Right now I have to hide in the toilets on my breaks to get away from all those people. 30 of them are supposed to be my friends. Well, everyone else believes they are, but in truth: they hate me. Absoloutely despise me.

Obviously they don’t show it but I can see them whispering and laughing, and giving me that look. You might know it from school days, especially if you were totally unpopular, like me. The Better smile ’cause she’s looking, she can’t know we’re talking about her. Didn’t hide it very well, did you? Sorry to say this about them but, morons.

I mean, come on! But I digress. I shall not rage today.

My ego, Emmy, loves making friends. She has lots of them, and they all actually like her. She can proudly walk past those toilets on breaks.

I know I have lost my mind, and this does not help… But Emmy is my final hope.

Best of luck, Emmy. You’ll need it. 🙂

Good, Healthy Fun

Now. This is going to be a post about health, and eating healthier. But probably a lot of people (including myself!) know I’m in no position to write a lecture on how to be healthy. I still have a long way to go! Fortunately – at least for me – it will not be a lecture. That would take far too long.

Although I’m not the fittest or healthiest of people, I think I can help you a little bit; I have learnt a thing or two so far in my quest to be healthy. Today I can write about one of the best things that I found out. Leo has written about this recently and I thought that I should tell you what I have learnt about it!

Eating Healthily can be Fun!

When I first started trying to eat healthily, I nearly just gave up on the whole thing. I hated it; I had to force myself to keep going.

Eventually I knew I had to stop, because it wasn’t working for me.
But I still had to find a way to…you know, do this. So I gave up with the diets, and the exercise schedules. I couldn’t do them! So instead I did it my way.

I ate healthy meals because they were delicious. (I googled good healthy dishes and got loads of yummy results!) each day I allowed myself 1 snack – if it’s unhealthy. And as long as I worked it off, it was fine!

At the weekends, I often go swimming and play tennis. In the weekdays, just all of the work is exercise enough for me!

I use this technique and it works for me. What about you?
And ps… Holidays obviously give you time off, but still try!

Random Poem – its nameless

Poetry upon a page                                                                                                                is a ship to take me far away.

it arrives in my thoughts and dreams                                                                                     sailing to me through art and words.

an angel is the captain                                                                                                           lost souls make up the crew.

I must be going to heaven.                                                                                                     when did I die?

We arrive.                                                                                                                               Trees wave a cheerful greeting as we arrive on the shore – the golden, sandy shore.

White cotton clouds are in no hurry,                                                                                      shapeshifting to every known animal and more!

Birds sing sweet songs;                                                                                                         flowers dance gracefully in the breeze.

Dandelion seeds fly, bees buzz around checking the dancers’ costumes.                           I know I’ve entered a strange, utterly perfect world.

Then I realise I’m still on Earth                                                                                               and have been in sweet slumber all the while.

that poem is 123 words long!

Hello world!

Hello indeed, and may I say Welcome!

Come in, wipe your feet on my invisible doormat, sit down, make yourself at home.

Well, welcome to my world! I hope you like all it has to offer.

I’m building my own special world block by block, word by word, idea by idea.

We are all building our worlds with idea, art, words, objects, people and so much more – we are the gods of our own worlds!

So welcome to my world of nature; beauty; energy; hope for organization!; daydreams; work etc.

So kick back, enjoy the ride. I expect to see you around. And even though no-one even reads my blog, I know someone will see my secret world, someday.

Bye! Enjoy the posts!