A Writing Project

I’ve been straying too far from this blog and my writing life. It’s time to do something about it. For ages now, I have been putting off practising my writing, and ridiculing the very idea of even starting to write a poem, let alone a full-blown novel!

The way I best snap myself back into order and reality is through a project. A fresh project cures everything. And so begins the project of Unis De Pink… through this wonderful name I shall reignite the fire that used to glow brightly within me – my creativity.

Let me give this some background: I have a companion. She has been here since I was two years old… I remember how we met too. My family and I were in Toys R Us, and my mum told me I could choose anything I liked to take home. Obviously this was a big decision; if I chose wrong, I would be stuck with a terrible toy for the rest of the time I owned it.

I am so glad I chose the right one, I think as I look back now. You see, I was looking around, and that was when I saw her. Her fur was a beautiful shade of pink, shining and dazzling to the eye, her well-groomed mane and tail soft and of the purest white. From the middle of her majestic head protruded a single, twirling horn.

This companion is a unicorn. There were plenty of others on the shelf, but she was the one for me. I named her Unis.

The full title (see above) was to come later. I have already given a quick thought and the word “De” that goes between the two names was only given to those in possesion of a kingdom.

Unis Pink – for that was her name back then – grew in my heart. I gave her ten universes over time, officially earning her the title Unis De Pink. Unis has ruled over them for well over a billion unicorn-years. She is now affectionately known as “President of Pink”.

Background over! I must go… the project awaits. I shall build and entire kingdom, purely on my imagination. With a little help from Unis. 🙂


I Found It Out!

Yay! I found out what cornucopia means. Mind you, it was a coicidence since I wasn’t looking for it… I just saw it in a different context and realised what could possess such a strange word. 😀

Yes, well. Shall I enlighten you about cornucopias? I rather think I shall.

The Cornucopia (for there is only one) is part of a Roman legend, the Cornucopia is also known as the Horn of Plenty. It is a Unicorn horn. It’s pretty simple.

This is a giant coincidence. I love unicorns, I have also found out about the “Sea Unicorn”, the Narwhal, which I am also feeling a pull to since I love the sea. I also feel a strange pull to the Romans, and of course myths and legends are wonderful things in my eyes. Fascinating, too… I must find a little bit more about this. I will tell you of my findings!

Stats, Sweet Stats

Well… I don’t usually look at stats. But today I realised the last time I checked that my blog hasn’t crashed and burned yet was sometime last May.

So I decided to take a look.

And the feeling that hit me wasn’t the depressed, “what’s the point” feeling but a happy, “OMG what happened!” sort of feeling. 😀

My views haven’t exactly gone through the roof, but we’re getting there. We are slowly filling a balloon – metaphor for my blog – with air (ok ok its helium.) which is, of course, my lovely readers. Yes, you!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, to visit this site, maybe you’re even subscribed!

I should receive an award. Only a small one, for some websites have got into the thousands on subscribers; but an award nonetheless. I would be so honoured to receive it. I would thank my mummy and daddy. Yup, can’t forget about family!

I would thank my few friends who talked me into writing stuff, showing me that I actually really enjoyed it. And finally…

I would be honoured to thank my all-time inspiration to start blogging, the author doesn’t even know me but we share a name, her blog showed me the wonderful world of WordPress blogging! It is…*Queue dramatic drum roll and silence*… Emily, from Emily Eats & Exercises!

Well. It’s unfortunate you never noticed me on your blog. You led me to achieve great things (at least to me they’re great!) and I never would have done it without you, and also my random Google search. This search in itself was thanks to a video from someone – Oh no, I forgot who – but let’s not go into strange details

Thank you so much, guys! You, the readers, deserve the biggest applaud of all! *Cheer*

Emmy – Ego For My Worries

Have you ever made an alter ego who is your perfect self?

Sure. Everyone has. If you haven’t, you should seriously consider it. Takes a weight off.

Anyway, this post is short and snappy since I’m running out of time; I have the Sunday Night Blues. Yup, I’ve finally fallen prey to it…

And it sucks. Like, really ultra-sucks. Ultra-mega-holy cow-sucks.

Forunately, Emmy shall come to the rescue. My perfect self. Who I aim to be. She shall take over in the place where I spend over half my day, 5 days a week… Most of the year, I kinda forgot the number. Unhappily for me (the major introvert and loner I am) there are a lot of people in this place. Around 6000, we’re talking. I see all of them every day.

And it kills me. Slowly it is destroying my tender lonely structure. Right now I have to hide in the toilets on my breaks to get away from all those people. 30 of them are supposed to be my friends. Well, everyone else believes they are, but in truth: they hate me. Absoloutely despise me.

Obviously they don’t show it but I can see them whispering and laughing, and giving me that look. You might know it from school days, especially if you were totally unpopular, like me. The Better smile ’cause she’s looking, she can’t know we’re talking about her. Didn’t hide it very well, did you? Sorry to say this about them but, morons.

I mean, come on! But I digress. I shall not rage today.

My ego, Emmy, loves making friends. She has lots of them, and they all actually like her. She can proudly walk past those toilets on breaks.

I know I have lost my mind, and this does not help… But Emmy is my final hope.

Best of luck, Emmy. You’ll need it. 🙂

Jewellrey – My Word Of The Week

You may think it’s an ordinary word, in saying it at least, but look closer at the letters; look closer at the form of the word…

Doesn’t it look strange? It looks a bit like someone just picked up a handful of letters in Scrabble and threw them onto the board!

And the other players probably thought – well, for one that this player didn’t have a clue of how it was played – but also they could’ve thought:

Hang on. We’ve been needing a word for all these bracelets and neckaces and rings we’re wearing. We could use this word!

And that was how the word jewellrey was made! Honestly, when I typed this word in the title, I thought I’d written it all wrong. I used spell check and when it said that my spelling was right, I typed it onto an online dictionary because I thought it was broken!

But anyway…in other news! I only found out a few stories he wrote… I’ll write three and count it as three facts!

Cheating, I know, but a lot of big things and changes are going on in my life and I am struggling to even find time for this blog! So anyway, here are three stories Jorge Luis Borges wrote. They are extremely random (just to warn you!)

So they’re just three stories that he wrote, but there are so many more. I was interested and searched for stories written by Jorge, I got a list and I think my eyes popped out of my head! Really!

Anyway,  go my lovelies, read some stories written by Jorge Luis Borges while wearing lots of jewellrey 🙂

Jorge Luis Borges – 3 Facts a Day

Right, here’s the way I’m going to do this…

I will write on a series of posts 3 facts a day about Jorge Luis Borges, until I run out of facts. Here’s the first 3 facts! (Sorry this post is short but I don’t have much time – too much to do today.)

  • He was born in Buenos Aires on 24 August 1899
  • He died in 1986
  • He wrote short stories, poems and essays.

Jumbled up facts I know; I want to make this a tad more random! So terribly sorry I can’t make this post longer… I do try so hard to find time but I have busy days!

I try! Honest, I do! 😉

Write Where Your Thoughts Take You! – 2

Well, today I didn’t really want to do another one. I didn’t feel like anything today! But since it’s my challenge, I will still be completing it.

I might not post this one, I might, because I have another idea for a post. But I could include both… I completed another chapter yesterday. Well, almost. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more today!!! The janitor was inspired by my dad, and it’s just for fun unless it actually turns out good. You see, my dads not a brilliant storywriter. I’ve had to add a lot to the plot to make it interesting!
So, I need inspiration for zen advice today. Ooh! I got it! I can title it “the little things”. I think you know where that’s going, we must appreciate the little things blah blah blah. But I can make it all interesting. Zen advice is a very new blog (in the sense that I only wrote my first post yesterday!) But you could check it out… I’m starting to write this as a post! I’m not meant to do that! Naughty.
I’m sorry… Oops, I’m talking to my alter egos again. I must sound crazy at the moment! You see, I have an ego who loves blogging and always wants to be on blogs – writing posts, changing themes, checking stats every week – I’m not bothered much by traffic – etcetera, etcetera. Wow, etcetera is such a strange word! It’s my word of the day! I need to search the definition…
Etcetera: 1. A number of other people, animals or things that are unspecified
               2. Etceteras; extras or sundries.
What the?! Where did the second definition come from! By the way, I met another of my egos who lives Inside me. Her name is Sophie, and she always cares about me and puts my needs before others’. I love her, but she can sometimes be aggressive to get the things I need or ask for. The even bigger tragedy is that sometimes her charm and aggressiveness doesn’t help get what I want. 😉
Anyway, I’m going to write some of the janitor story. Bye!