Cornucopia – I Knew Something Would Rise…

Try this writing exercise. Sit in front of your desk, or the kitchen table, or the picnic table outside. Whatever sparks creativity best. Don’t have any computer in front of you. Not just yet…For now – just a pen and paper.

Write a word down. Any word. Maybe the most interesting word you’ve learnt today, or just the first word that pops into your mind. Do not take longer than 30 seconds on this. Even that is a very generous time for me to give.

Write. You may get your laptop now, if you wish. But no internet or emails! Just uninterrupted writing. Write whatever you want based on that word. I am doing mine with the word cornucopia. How about you?



Sorry guys. As I have found out, doing a post every single day is hard.

That is good in a way; but it also means I have been abandoning this blog!

So listen – I have an idea.

Oh no, I hear you say. No no… do not think that! This is a good idea. I have also found out that a lot of people like my writing. Wonderful. Which means, I am writing a bit more seriously on here now. For my various musings and antics, visit the other site which I was caught up in.

If you don’t like my writing altogether, I’m sorry. Maybe these sites aren’t for you, then.

So anyway… Enjoy the new stuff!

I Found It Out!

Yay! I found out what cornucopia means. Mind you, it was a coicidence since I wasn’t looking for it… I just saw it in a different context and realised what could possess such a strange word. 😀

Yes, well. Shall I enlighten you about cornucopias? I rather think I shall.

The Cornucopia (for there is only one) is part of a Roman legend, the Cornucopia is also known as the Horn of Plenty. It is a Unicorn horn. It’s pretty simple.

This is a giant coincidence. I love unicorns, I have also found out about the “Sea Unicorn”, the Narwhal, which I am also feeling a pull to since I love the sea. I also feel a strange pull to the Romans, and of course myths and legends are wonderful things in my eyes. Fascinating, too… I must find a little bit more about this. I will tell you of my findings!

Stats, Sweet Stats

Well… I don’t usually look at stats. But today I realised the last time I checked that my blog hasn’t crashed and burned yet was sometime last May.

So I decided to take a look.

And the feeling that hit me wasn’t the depressed, “what’s the point” feeling but a happy, “OMG what happened!” sort of feeling. 😀

My views haven’t exactly gone through the roof, but we’re getting there. We are slowly filling a balloon – metaphor for my blog – with air (ok ok its helium.) which is, of course, my lovely readers. Yes, you!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post, to visit this site, maybe you’re even subscribed!

I should receive an award. Only a small one, for some websites have got into the thousands on subscribers; but an award nonetheless. I would be so honoured to receive it. I would thank my mummy and daddy. Yup, can’t forget about family!

I would thank my few friends who talked me into writing stuff, showing me that I actually really enjoyed it. And finally…

I would be honoured to thank my all-time inspiration to start blogging, the author doesn’t even know me but we share a name, her blog showed me the wonderful world of WordPress blogging! It is…*Queue dramatic drum roll and silence*… Emily, from Emily Eats & Exercises!

Well. It’s unfortunate you never noticed me on your blog. You led me to achieve great things (at least to me they’re great!) and I never would have done it without you, and also my random Google search. This search in itself was thanks to a video from someone – Oh no, I forgot who – but let’s not go into strange details

Thank you so much, guys! You, the readers, deserve the biggest applaud of all! *Cheer*

Emmy – Ego For My Worries

Have you ever made an alter ego who is your perfect self?

Sure. Everyone has. If you haven’t, you should seriously consider it. Takes a weight off.

Anyway, this post is short and snappy since I’m running out of time; I have the Sunday Night Blues. Yup, I’ve finally fallen prey to it…

And it sucks. Like, really ultra-sucks. Ultra-mega-holy cow-sucks.

Forunately, Emmy shall come to the rescue. My perfect self. Who I aim to be. She shall take over in the place where I spend over half my day, 5 days a week… Most of the year, I kinda forgot the number. Unhappily for me (the major introvert and loner I am) there are a lot of people in this place. Around 6000, we’re talking. I see all of them every day.

And it kills me. Slowly it is destroying my tender lonely structure. Right now I have to hide in the toilets on my breaks to get away from all those people. 30 of them are supposed to be my friends. Well, everyone else believes they are, but in truth: they hate me. Absoloutely despise me.

Obviously they don’t show it but I can see them whispering and laughing, and giving me that look. You might know it from school days, especially if you were totally unpopular, like me. The Better smile ’cause she’s looking, she can’t know we’re talking about her. Didn’t hide it very well, did you? Sorry to say this about them but, morons.

I mean, come on! But I digress. I shall not rage today.

My ego, Emmy, loves making friends. She has lots of them, and they all actually like her. She can proudly walk past those toilets on breaks.

I know I have lost my mind, and this does not help… But Emmy is my final hope.

Best of luck, Emmy. You’ll need it. 🙂

Word of The Week – Cornucopia

Well, this is…unfortunate. I seem to have forgotten when I had to do my next word of the day; but since I have absoloutely no inspiration today I suppose it could save me, just today.

The strange thing is, I don’t even know what this word means. I just popped up somewhere (forgot where so don’t ask) and I’ve adored it ever since.

The beautiful thing about it is that it’s one of those words that are pointless to know but you’re desperate to find out anyway! So I can annoy you ever so slightly from a safe distance – deep down inside my mind is where I lurk. So if you happen to find me…know this:

I am in my beautiful dream state! 😀 You will see me looking like I’m in a trance, which I am. I’m mindlessly tapping away letting my writer ego take over. If you stabbed me in the chest (please don’t!) I wouldn’t know it… until I’m dead.

Let’s hope that scenario isn’t anytime soon!

Random Ramble – Summer Days

As I slowly peel my eyes open I sense light trying to filter in through the curtains. I stumble from bed, feeling heavy as a cow in my thick nightgown. Drawing the curtains, light suddenly streams in; a new summer day has begun.

Quickly showering (and feeling the refreshing water run over my back and slithering down to my ankles) and getting dressed in a dress that is as light as a veil and as fragile as glass, I rush outside.

Sweet cool air rushes to greet me, and on the breeze is a scent of new beginnings. Birds are just beginning to awaken, realizing it’s daytime – their energetic singing and dancing in their treehouses make me want to sing with them.

The thick clouds realize that their work is done and drift away… slowly as if reluctant to go. I see them and, after waving a final goodbye for the day, I remember a dream of sleeping on those clouds. I woke up in that dream to find I was soaring on my cloud like a magic carpet and seeing the majestic sights of the world!

Energy swirls around my garden and it seems almost fairytale-like: slightly overgrown with flowers pushing out of the ground everywhere, and my old shed being gently caressed by ivy. The windows of this shed are dirty and I can barely see in. The excitement of what could be in there overwhelms me and I prise open the stiff door, looking inside….

Nothing. Disappointment rushes over me but I hope this will not stop me from feeling good. But is this a sign? My life could be an empty space waiting to be filled, the outside look of it being the potential, therefore exciting and inviting. But I need to harness the potential, the creative energy waiting to be used.

This is the magic of the world. Part of the meaning of life. Filling life with fantasticly brilliant people, objects and actions. Words, light, sport, invention, design, art, all must be appreciated and we must be grateful at how much these things positively influence our lives. But we must drive out the negative things, gently but firmly. Maybe then we can access the remaining portion of our brain we never tap into?

These thoughts have been very jumpy today, haven’t they… Starting off with a summer day and ending with the meaning of life. But thoughts go that way. Especially mine!

Anyway, I have news!

Yes, that’s right. Very important (at least to me!) news and I don’t know if you want to hear them. So if you don’t want to hear, or rather see, these all-important news… Well, turn off whatever your using to read it! Delete the email, turn off the internet, etcetera!

So… Back to those news.

Ah yes, thank you little ego of mine. You just hate it when I don’t get to the point. Anyway!! No more dilly-dallying. The news is….. (Drumroll please!)

I got my hair dyed! That’s right. Semi-permanent, berry red. About the colour of the writing. Well not really but…

So, I guess that’s it for this post. I will update you about my Jorge Luis Borges hunt. Promise. Just not today…

This post helped me to feel good. And, in the words of Aquatom, I do love to feel good!