A Writing Project

I’ve been straying too far from this blog and my writing life. It’s time to do something about it. For ages now, I have been putting off practising my writing, and ridiculing the very idea of even starting to write a poem, let alone a full-blown novel!

The way I best snap myself back into order and reality is through a project. A fresh project cures everything. And so begins the project of Unis De Pink… through this wonderful name I shall reignite the fire that used to glow brightly within me – my creativity.

Let me give this some background: I have a companion. She has been here since I was two years old… I remember how we met too. My family and I were in Toys R Us, and my mum told me I could choose anything I liked to take home. Obviously this was a big decision; if I chose wrong, I would be stuck with a terrible toy for the rest of the time I owned it.

I am so glad I chose the right one, I think as I look back now. You see, I was looking around, and that was when I saw her. Her fur was a beautiful shade of pink, shining and dazzling to the eye, her well-groomed mane and tail soft and of the purest white. From the middle of her majestic head protruded a single, twirling horn.

This companion is a unicorn. There were plenty of others on the shelf, but she was the one for me. I named her Unis.

The full title (see above) was to come later. I have already given a quick thought and the word “De” that goes between the two names was only given to those in possesion of a kingdom.

Unis Pink – for that was her name back then – grew in my heart. I gave her ten universes over time, officially earning her the title Unis De Pink. Unis has ruled over them for well over a billion unicorn-years. She is now affectionately known as “President of Pink”.

Background over! I must go… the project awaits. I shall build and entire kingdom, purely on my imagination. With a little help from Unis. 🙂


Write where your thoughts take you! – 3

Well, this is a bit late. I was meant to do this first thing when I woke up, but i’ve waited until almost an hour later!

Oh well, we’re not all perfect. I was thinking about doing one of the major tasks I wrote down – go all minimalist on my room. I started being a minimalist a looooong time ago…haven’t done much since to do with minimalism, until now. Now I want to do this properly for real.

I’m slightly out of things to write about today but I just thought of writing about my book. Its coming along nicely, if not slowly, at a chapter a day. I need to speed it up if I want to get this done in time! So I have to make these slightly shorter. I wonder what to post about today, if not this… Hmm. Looks like daily post has to come to my rescue. Again.

I also got this new iPad app that lets me post anywhere that has Internet connection! It’s really good, but still hasn’t updated itself so that it has my new blog, zen advice.
Anyway, I must go now, have a lot to do today! Exercising, Reiki (yes I’ve taken it up again) tidying up, and of course writing my book. So bye!