Long Time, No See

Dear Travellers,

Time confuses me. It confuses us all. Time is a strane thing, and deserves confused respect. And I just wanted to say what the title already expresses: Long time no see!

What are you up to? I have so much to say, I can’t possibly fit it all in one post. I have new interests, a new blog, I am further on in my minimalist adventure, I am improving on things, I am getting new habits (good and bad) and so on. But a few things never change…

My room is still messy, I still get too much homework, I still love writing, I still love you guys, and… oh, I certainly miss typing here!

Anyway, I seem to  be drifting from my original point. The point being, well, I forgot. Rather embarassing; forgetting what I was to say in the first place. I suppose this is one of those “Write what you see” sort of things… And what I see is a recommended tag which drifts very far from our subject! Romance. Romance? What has this got to do with romance? You are all lovely people, but I do believe this is not a love letter.

No. Of course not. I will immediately stop thinking along these lines. I am going too deep.

Way too deep.

Okay. Now I’m scaring myself. Oh deary me…… Back to the subject at hand.

Which is nothing. I am being strange today, I suppose it’s a side effect from my excitement! But tiredness also seems to be a side effect.

I..must…..Sleeeeeep……. ZzZzZzZzzZZZZzzZzZzz…….



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