The Results.

Sorry to keep you waiting!

The Results Are In…

As you may know, (if not check out my earlier posts) I entered NaNoWriMo – it seems like a lifetime ago now! Well, anyway, I was partaking in this endeavour, or quest, or enterprise, or whatever else you may call it. And the results are in…

Well. They were actually in on November 30, I just wanted to add some suspense until now. So, what result did I get?

Since I am but a wee lass, and of course a complete novice to writing, I went over to the version for young people: Young Writers Program. Or YWP for short. There you are allowed to set your own word goal, something you can accomplish, yet pushing you further.

I went with something quite challenging for me, 8,000 words. The novel started off at a snail’s pace; only 100 words each day. But I didn’t give up. As long as I was writing something, I was heading towards my goal!

Wading Through Treacle

But the writing process – which was meant to be amazingly fun – felt like wading through treacle. I hurled stupid things at my characters, and they just didn’t know how to react! The result? They refused to co-operate with the boring situations I was putting them in. I knew why I was being so boring. I was just too terrified to do anything else.

But there is a cure for that fear. And here it is…

Throw Something Completely Ridiculous in

My characters had started to hate their creator. So I wanted to do something!

I didn’t write for half a day. I sat there, thinking, watching the world for something completely out of place. Then I got it.

Mty characters were completely cliche, right? For example, one of them, named Debby, was one of those people. She knew everything about everything. She was cool and tomboyish. Etcetera.

It was time to throw something really random in. I gave her a really weird hobby which was totally out of chracter. Of course, Debby got ashamed at best, and hid it. She only let her best friend see. And it was so fun writing about that ridiculous hobby!

I’m Digressing. Back to the Results

Yes, I am digressing. But that was the advice which got me through the month. I added weird and wonderful things to write about, and I had a blast thinking them up and writing about them.

So, in the end, I exceeded my word goal! Only a little, since I got 106%, but it was a major achievement for me.

But my novel isn’t actually finished. Not yet. So I shall be sharing some of it, piece by piece, on here. I sincerely hope you like it, and I am having five finished copies printed! It was a gidt from the wonderful NaNoWriMo staff. Maybe I could even have competitions to win a copy…

you would love that, wouldn’t you? ๐Ÿ™‚


7 thoughts on “The Results.

  1. how fun, and congratulations on your achievement. That was a clever thing to have Debby end up with a strange hobby. I was writing and got stuck, too….but then I got waylaid and couldn’t get back to my novel. I couldn’t come up with dialogue at all. I think I am better at writing nonfiction! I look forward to seeing your novel/story.

    • The trick is to make your novel as fun to write as possible – then you won’t be able to wait to start writing! And dialogue is very hard, I struggle with it myself. Thanks for visiting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I like how you gave Debby a strange hobby. I’ve pondered many times if I’ve individualised my characters enough; made them seem like real humans, not cliche novel characters. I believe I’ve thrown in a wonky nose or a weird obsession to achieve this.

    Keep churning out the words. If you push out the first draft with a NaNoWriMo frame of mind, you’ll find most of the hardest work in writing is behind you before you know it. I wish I’d done the same with my first real novel (the ones I wrote <14 don't count), but I still finished it, nonetheless.

  3. Congratulations on exceeding your goal – I can’t wait to read it and find out what Debby’s strange hobby is. I seem to have so much to write about at the moment and I’m just going with it. I wish I had your courage to even attempt 8000 words. Well done!

    • Hopefully the book will be finished before June! Then I’ll be able to give out 4 copies… not much, I know, but I’m also emailing a PDF version to my lovely suscribers! Anyway, I hope you find the courage to do it, I hope I see a novel of yours next year too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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