I’ve stumbled across a simple but rather elegant website. It was quite beautiful, and they told me it was nearly free to create!


So I contacted the dude who owned it. Let’s just call him Dude. So I emailed Dude, asking a very simple question…”How do you DO that??” Then Dude answered. He told me, “With HTML, my friend.”

Even Bigger Whaaaaaa?????

Soo, umm, I’m (attempting to) learning HTML coding. The fancy website actually helps you do it, believe it or not, and that is awesome. You can use Notepad, and there’s this nifty little text to html converter, it’s really quite good. Dude can do this well – I plan to email him around 10 000 times asking for help. But Dude is ever so nice, he won’t mind.

Once my little website is complete, I’ll let you see it. It’s basically going to be a blog, but self-hosted.

Oh dear. She gets another blog. šŸ˜‰


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