Word of The Week – Cornucopia

Well, this is…unfortunate. I seem to have forgotten when I had to do my next word of the day; but since I have absoloutely no inspiration today I suppose it could save me, just today.

The strange thing is, I don’t even know what this word means. I just popped up somewhere (forgot where so don’t ask) and I’ve adored it ever since.

The beautiful thing about it is that it’s one of those words that are pointless to know but you’re desperate to find out anyway! So I can annoy you ever so slightly from a safe distance – deep down inside my mind is where I lurk. So if you happen to find me…know this:

I am in my beautiful dream state! 😀 You will see me looking like I’m in a trance, which I am. I’m mindlessly tapping away letting my writer ego take over. If you stabbed me in the chest (please don’t!) I wouldn’t know it… until I’m dead.

Let’s hope that scenario isn’t anytime soon!


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