Random Ramble – Summer Days

As I slowly peel my eyes open I sense light trying to filter in through the curtains. I stumble from bed, feeling heavy as a cow in my thick nightgown. Drawing the curtains, light suddenly streams in; a new summer day has begun.

Quickly showering (and feeling the refreshing water run over my back and slithering down to my ankles) and getting dressed in a dress that is as light as a veil and as fragile as glass, I rush outside.

Sweet cool air rushes to greet me, and on the breeze is a scent of new beginnings. Birds are just beginning to awaken, realizing it’s daytime – their energetic singing and dancing in their treehouses make me want to sing with them.

The thick clouds realize that their work is done and drift away… slowly as if reluctant to go. I see them and, after waving a final goodbye for the day, I remember a dream of sleeping on those clouds. I woke up in that dream to find I was soaring on my cloud like a magic carpet and seeing the majestic sights of the world!

Energy swirls around my garden and it seems almost fairytale-like: slightly overgrown with flowers pushing out of the ground everywhere, and my old shed being gently caressed by ivy. The windows of this shed are dirty and I can barely see in. The excitement of what could be in there overwhelms me and I prise open the stiff door, looking inside….

Nothing. Disappointment rushes over me but I hope this will not stop me from feeling good. But is this a sign? My life could be an empty space waiting to be filled, the outside look of it being the potential, therefore exciting and inviting. But I need to harness the potential, the creative energy waiting to be used.

This is the magic of the world. Part of the meaning of life. Filling life with fantasticly brilliant people, objects and actions. Words, light, sport, invention, design, art, all must be appreciated and we must be grateful at how much these things positively influence our lives. But we must drive out the negative things, gently but firmly. Maybe then we can access the remaining portion of our brain we never tap into?

These thoughts have been very jumpy today, haven’t they… Starting off with a summer day and ending with the meaning of life. But thoughts go that way. Especially mine!

Anyway, I have news!

Yes, that’s right. Very important (at least to me!) news and I don’t know if you want to hear them. So if you don’t want to hear, or rather see, these all-important news… Well, turn off whatever your using to read it! Delete the email, turn off the internet, etcetera!

So… Back to those news.

Ah yes, thank you little ego of mine. You just hate it when I don’t get to the point. Anyway!! No more dilly-dallying. The news is….. (Drumroll please!)

I got my hair dyed! That’s right. Semi-permanent, berry red. About the colour of the writing. Well not really but…

So, I guess that’s it for this post. I will update you about my Jorge Luis Borges hunt. Promise. Just not today…

This post helped me to feel good. And, in the words of Aquatom, I do love to feel good!


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