Jewellrey – My Word Of The Week

You may think it’s an ordinary word, in saying it at least, but look closer at the letters; look closer at the form of the word…

Doesn’t it look strange? It looks a bit like someone just picked up a handful of letters in Scrabble and threw them onto the board!

And the other players probably thought – well, for one that this player didn’t have a clue of how it was played – but also they could’ve thought:

Hang on. We’ve been needing a word for all these bracelets and neckaces and rings we’re wearing. We could use this word!

And that was how the word jewellrey was made! Honestly, when I typed this word in the title, I thought I’d written it all wrong. I used spell check and when it said that my spelling was right, I typed it onto an online dictionary because I thought it was broken!

But anyway…in other news! I only found out a few stories he wrote… I’ll write three and count it as three facts!

Cheating, I know, but a lot of big things and changes are going on in my life and I am struggling to even find time for this blog! So anyway, here are three stories Jorge Luis Borges wrote. They are extremely random (just to warn you!)

So they’re just three stories that he wrote, but there are so many more. I was interested and searched for stories written by Jorge, I got a list and I think my eyes popped out of my head! Really!

Anyway,  go my lovelies, read some stories written by Jorge Luis Borges while wearing lots of jewellrey 🙂


One thought on “Jewellrey – My Word Of The Week

  1. great post Emily, like your word of the day….

    your word of the week kind of makes me laugh, ‘cuz you can also spell it “jewelry”, depending on where you are in the world and who is in charge of proofreading! a very difficult word to describe such shiny, sparkling things. go figure!

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