Sorry! Let’s Talk About it…

I’ve been so caught up in real life that I have forgotten about all my lovely blog readers!

So I’m going to tell you about…

Nothing. Nothing has always fascinated me, the way it’s been given a word – all to itself, the lucky non-thing! – but it’s not even there. I mean, why not give a word to an object or an amazing person? (Hint, hint.)

Because nothing is beautiful. You’ve seen or heard reports of homeless people, with no food, shelter, some don’t even own clothes. We all feel sorry and grateful that we have food, shelter clothes. And it is upsetting to see that. But they all have something beautiful, the handsomest thing in the world…behold, they have nothing!

It’s very hard to find nothing. All the tv detectives, saying they’ve found nothing. They’re so lucky! Obviously it’s not what they wanted to find, but nothing is so hard to spot. There isn’t even nothing in the air around us; theres loads of gases, and obviously energy, which I’ll tell you about a different time. So if you find nothing, remember that it is a precious thing, and although you cannot possess it, just remember and be grateful for your experience of finding it!

Nothing in the dictionary: nothing can be a noun, a verb, even an adjective at times. I searched nothing in my dictionary and found…

1. no thing; not anything; naught: to say nothing.
2. no part, share, or trace (usually followed by of ): The house showed nothing of its former magnificence.
3. something that is nonexistent.
4. nonexistence; nothingness: The sound faded to nothing.
5. something or someone of no importance or significance: Money is nothing when you’re without health.
6. in no respect or degree; not at all: It was nothing like that. Nothing dismayed, he repeated his question.
amounting to nothing, as in offering no prospects for satisfaction, advancement, or the like: She was stuck in a nothing job.


for nothing,

free of charge
for no apparent reason or motive
futilely; to no avail: They had gone to a great deal of expense for nothing.
in nothing flat, in very little time: Dinner was finished in nothing flat.
make nothing of,

to treat lightly; regard as easy.
to be unsuccessful in comprehending: He could make nothing of the complicated directions.
nothing but, nothing other than; only: We could see nothing but fog.
nothing doing,

Infomal . emphatically no; certainly not.
no activity, inducement, advantage, etc., present to the eye: We drove through the town but there seemed to be nothing doing.
Wow. There’s a lot of ways you can use the word nothing. So although nothing is so hard to find, it’s everywhere around us!
Confusing, I know. Youll get the hang of it.

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