Write Where Your Thoughts Take You! – 2

Well, today I didn’t really want to do another one. I didn’t feel like anything today! But since it’s my challenge, I will still be completing it.

I might not post this one, I might, because I have another idea for a post. But I could include both… I completed another chapter yesterday. Well, almost. Hopefully I’ll be able to write more today!!! The janitor was inspired by my dad, and it’s just for fun unless it actually turns out good. You see, my dads not a brilliant storywriter. I’ve had to add a lot to the plot to make it interesting!
So, I need inspiration for zen advice today. Ooh! I got it! I can title it “the little things”. I think you know where that’s going, we must appreciate the little things blah blah blah. But I can make it all interesting. Zen advice is a very new blog (in the sense that I only wrote my first post yesterday!) But you could check it out… I’m starting to write this as a post! I’m not meant to do that! Naughty.
I’m sorry… Oops, I’m talking to my alter egos again. I must sound crazy at the moment! You see, I have an ego who loves blogging and always wants to be on blogs – writing posts, changing themes, checking stats every week – I’m not bothered much by traffic – etcetera, etcetera. Wow, etcetera is such a strange word! It’s my word of the day! I need to search the definition…
Etcetera: 1. A number of other people, animals or things that are unspecified
               2. Etceteras; extras or sundries.
What the?! Where did the second definition come from! By the way, I met another of my egos who lives Inside me. Her name is Sophie, and she always cares about me and puts my needs before others’. I love her, but she can sometimes be aggressive to get the things I need or ask for. The even bigger tragedy is that sometimes her charm and aggressiveness doesn’t help get what I want. 😉
Anyway, I’m going to write some of the janitor story. Bye!

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