Can Anger be Constructive?

Having been sitting here for well over half an hour thinking of inspiration and strolling about the entire world (Not counting any area past Bexleyheath!) and receiving nothing, I turned to Daily Post for help. Fortunately, they had something that appealed to me… Can anger be constructive?

Well, I for one, had completely forgotten what “constructive” means and so I set about finding the definition. Fortunately the Internet saved the day again by providing me with an online dictionary. Heres the definition:

Constructive – constructing  or tending to construct;  helping to improve; promoting further development or advancement.

So, rephrasing the question – Can anger help to improve or further develop our character and personality?

I think the answer is yes. Most definitely.

Sometimes when you’re angry, it’s just because you need to let off steam about the stress you may have been having. But soon you realize that the person you’ve been taking it out on had absolutely nothing to do with it; this means you then stop and think about how stupid you have been. You make up and all is well.

This will very much help improve your character and you might even develop another good quality – it will help you not to keep your feelings bottled up inside. Let it out. Speak gently to who is bothering you (or if it’s an object or event just talk to someone you feel comfortable with) and ask them not to do this in future. Events and objects usually can’t be avoided, so you have to learn to accept the things you can’t change.

Sometimes it’s a different type of anger. Let’s turn back time to when you were a child. Do you remember a favorite toy or object? Let’s say someone broke it – by accident. How would you have reacted then? How would you react now? What if someone broke it on purpose? If they hadn’t said sorry? How would you react in the different life stages?

It could be that, now that you think about it, you would react the same in both situations. Did you think that you would’ve forgiven them when you were a child? Let’s be honest here. I know very well that I wouldn’t have. Some people still can’t forgive and forget now. Maybe you just don’t have it in you…yet. But, maybe you think everyone does it on purpose. They don’t! And if they do it would be pretty immature of them, don’t you think? Maybe you shouldn’t be hanging around with these people if that’s the case.

Anyway, I digress. This type of anger can teach you to forgive and forget.

There are many reasons to stay angry or keep your feelings inside. There are even more reasons to forgive or to let it out gently. So don’t worry when you get angry. It can be a good thing! Just make sure you learn from it!


2 thoughts on “Can Anger be Constructive?

    • Well, it’s only constructive when you’re conscious of what you’re doing. Many people aren’t, which is why a lot of the time anger doesn’t change much for them.
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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