Good, Healthy Fun

Now. This is going to be a post about health, and eating healthier. But probably a lot of people (including myself!) know I’m in no position to write a lecture on how to be healthy. I still have a long way to go! Fortunately – at least for me – it will not be a lecture. That would take far too long.

Although I’m not the fittest or healthiest of people, I think I can help you a little bit; I have learnt a thing or two so far in my quest to be healthy. Today I can write about one of the best things that I found out. Leo has written about this recently and I thought that I should tell you what I have learnt about it!

Eating Healthily can be Fun!

When I first started trying to eat healthily, I nearly just gave up on the whole thing. I hated it; I had to force myself to keep going.

Eventually I knew I had to stop, because it wasn’t working for me.
But I still had to find a way to…you know, do this. So I gave up with the diets, and the exercise schedules. I couldn’t do them! So instead I did it my way.

I ate healthy meals because they were delicious. (I googled good healthy dishes and got loads of yummy results!) each day I allowed myself 1 snack – if it’s unhealthy. And as long as I worked it off, it was fine!

At the weekends, I often go swimming and play tennis. In the weekdays, just all of the work is exercise enough for me!

I use this technique and it works for me. What about you?
And ps… Holidays obviously give you time off, but still try!


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