Last night I had a super dream. Not only in the sense that it was a great dream (it was an AWESOME dream!), but I dreamt that I had… you guessed it, superpowers!

It also made me notice an alter ego who likes to destroy things. Should I name my egos? I have so many, it’s easy to get confused between them. It also had an element of Lego in it – not sure what happened there!

Although this dream may sound ridiculous and unrealistic, it was perfectly real while I was dreaming it. You know that kind of dream; we’ve all had one!

I dreamt that I could set myself and other things on fire. I could also make these giant snake things come out of the ground and destroy stuff. The snakes were made out of Lego. So were the bananas…

Anyway, at first I couldn’t control my powers. If I only thought about fire or a certain person or place, the powers would kick in. When I was around, you often saw the fire brigade! But I knew I had a serious problem when I accidentally set the giant snakes on a hospital. And for some reason Princess Peach was there. I had to get her to eat some bananas (made of Lego!) so that the snakes would stop. She ate them but screeched before she ate them, “These are Virgin bananas! My dad works for Sky!!” Ok. Keep in mind I thought this was all normal while I was dreaming.

So then I randomly appeared in my school and did an archery lesson with all my super friends. Have you seen the film Scott Pilgrim vs the World? The vegan guy was with me, except he was nice. We then went to a random place to learn to control and build on our powers. The only thing I remember about that was that there was a long swimming pool and we had to swim round it. There was a guy who could swim really fast, and a girl of about 5 years old who could talk super fast.. I then discovered another couple of powers of mine: shape-shifting and awesome karate skills!

The last thing I remember was fighting a gigantic piranha plant – from Mario yet again – which covered the entire stadium’s (we got transported there by my dream) floor with smaller piranha plants with a giant one with a snake and another piranha plant on the end of it that came out of it. I also found out I could fly, although I’d felt that I already knew this.

The last thing I remember was helping my friends and shooting some fire before I was woken up!

Also, for some weird and wonderful reason, I wasn’t myself. I was older than myself, and a boy. Strange…

Anyway, tell me, have you had dreams similar to this? What was your most realistic dream? The most ridiculous? I’m hungry for info here!


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