Strange Dreams

Lately I’ve been having more and more strange dreams. And they’re getting more vivid.

There is a recurring location and person in my dreams.

A mine.

A man called Pim, who has a guinea pig called Apples.

My latest dream started off as me and Kate Middleton being the best of friends. In the dream we were the same age, which was about in the middle of our two ages. We were mucking around in the Buckingham Palace’s gardens doing all sorts of things. Then a tall, strange lady (much like the traditional female villains) walked by.

The strange thing is, I remember everything but her name. I remember mentioning it many times in the dream, and the one after which was linked to it – I had two dreams in one night! Her name began with J and was something strange; a bit like Judaelia.

Anyway, she watched us until we were a bit creeped out by her strange stare. So we went inside the Palace.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like inside the palace, and the dream Palace was the same one I expect it to be: after all, it’s my dream!

Judy (her new nickname) followed us inside and said “how adorable you should rush inside for safety.” We were quite terrified by now. Another lady came in, looking like a young version of the Queen. She greeted Judy like an old friend, and told us we had nothing to be afraid of about this woman.

The next part is a bit of a blur, the dream jumps about from time to time. I remember Judy getting us into a truckload of trouble until we were sent down to the mines, to work in punishment. Talk about harsh!

That’s where we met Pim (for about the tenth time since we met him in all the dreams before that!) For some reason in every single dream where I meet this guy i feel like this is the first time.

We met Apples – his guinea pig – and I don’t remember actually doing work. I suppose Pim was doing our work for us since he took a shine to us…

We just lay back and in return for Pim’s hard work we looked after Apples. We were allowed above ground at the end of the day, and we stole some food for the small pet.

I can’t remember the rest in much detail. I know a miner told us a tale of a portal key hidden in the mine. We found it and were transported to another world, and there the dream ended, with a little to be continued… feel.

What does this dream mean? Will the next one be the next part of the story? Is it telling me something I have to do? So many questions, so little clues!


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