Top 7 Reasons to Blog

I’m out of inspiration. Again. It seems that, now, all bloggers have hit a brick wall or something!

To help me get over this wall, I decided to write a list of reasons I love to blog (based on a Daily Post topic) to sort of build some steps so I have an easier time of hurdling this brick wall.

Why not 10? I can think of many reasons I love blogging, and why you should too. Well, the answer us pretty simple: 7 is my lucky number. I  just feel… attracted to this number; I much prefer it to ten. Of course, this also makes it a little different to the millions of other “top ten” lists out there.

By the way – because I randomly feel like it – I’m adding some colour to this post. Just because.

So here they are! My top 7 reasons: (in no particular order)

  • You feel so peaceful while blogging.
  • You feel great after writing a fantastic post
  • You can look out for inspiration every day, which makes life just that little bit better.
  • Other people will read your posts, and get (hopefully!) a good feeling.
  • You can connect with other people
  • Blogging brings out your creative side and you can do what you want – it’s your blog!
  • It’s loads of fun!

Obviously I will add more to these reasons in separate posts. I will also create a series of posts that helps new bloggers get to grips in the amazing BlogLand!

So keep on your toes – new posts will be coming in very soon…


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