The post that was published today was, in fact, meant to be yesterday’s post. But since my iPad wouldn’t let me post it, I had no option but to wait for today!

But that wasn’t what i came to talk, err, write about – I got God fever… I can’t stop thinking about God and the Bible and Jesus and Heaven and Hell. I came to thinking about angels and after looking at the fabulous photos in Tom’s post I wondered if those angels he could see in the nebulae are actual angels. I mean, no one said they had to be human size, did they?!
Maybe the nebulae were sort of dance floors, parties that the angels went to; just guessing here! In my world, everyone can go visit these space parties with he angels… Heck, maybe god might make an appearance! You should visit sometime!

And I have a theory about shooting stars. Maybe they’re fallen angels!
You know those really nice people with no faults, and they’re shocked when we do something bad? Probably fallen angels who had been here for so long they’d forgotten their divinity.

Many angels surround us and help and guide us. There are our protector angels, our conscience is probably an angel, and there are so many others to guide us through our journey.

I have these oracle cards, where you shuffle until you see fit to stop, then ask the angels an open question. No yes or no questions, please! Then you lay out 4 cards – and the creepy thing is, they are always relevant to the question, and give you the answer you need. But you’ll have to do the legwork; they don’t do everything for you. I use it a lot and treasure them as if they were a part of my soul.

Who knows, maybe you’re a fallen angel yourself!


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