Oh no! I fear the worst since getting my iPad – I’m neglecting you, dear readers! I have been forgetting to write my posts; this is the reason I didn’t do postaday.

Anyway, I kind of can’t remember what I meant to write about (that’s kind of embarrassing…) but wait! I just got inspiration! Let’s start this again, hmm?

What a wonderful world:
I was going for a walk today, since I wanted to embrace the cold (!), and I went into the woods just opposite my house.

As I was walking through, I remembered a documentary I had watched earlier on.
I remembered how they said that god might be in our minds, and even though that’s amazing and should be a post all in itself, I don’t think I’m prepared to believe that. I mean, all of the bible, all of this belief, just a made up thing in our minds? I don’t think so!

Anyway, back on course again, I realised that our world is pretty darned impossible. All of this life, all of this beauty, all of this technology, how did it happen? I mean, we evolved; we developed our minds; all of the animals, and people, were created – how?

I’m thinking that no one knows the answer to that. But no one needs the answer to that. We only need to have the ability to walk in, sense and embrace this wondrous earth we’re living on.

And my, what a wonderful world!


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