The Cards…

Anne checked her phone again with sweaty palms, as she waited anxiously for her bus to arrive at the destination. She was in a rush, and silently willed the bus to go faster. Again, Anne checked the phone. The bus pulled to a stop at a red light, causing Anne to let out a heavy sigh.

She was wearing a very business-like suit with brown hair pinned back into a severe bun, and icy blue eyes. There were tight high heels on her feet; they were forming blisters. People were starting to stare at this strange woman with a brief case. Obviously she was well-bred – what would she be doing on the 131?

The 131 was the bus almost specifically designed for the rough of the town. The driver was a burly giant of a man, with several tattoos, who gave a rough grunt to Anne in greetings as she got on. It was never cleaned, the windows never washed, and the leather seats were decaying.

Anne knew she didn’t belong either. But it was the quickest way to the place where she would be interviewed for a good job. By good it meant a respectable and well payed job of course!

Suddenly the bus jolted and grinded to a halt. Anne almost went flying out of her seat! The driver grunted “your stop, ma’am,” and after she got out, speedily drove away.

Well, this is it… Anne glanced around her at the crumbling buildings, the graffitied walls, the cracks in the road, and considered if this was right for her. How can such a respectable job be in a place like this? Anne started following the directions the boss gave her. Just around this corner…

Soon she came face to face with the place of the interview, and gulped. Anne swallowed her fear and went through the double doors…


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