Pick-a-Mix Post!

Today, too many things have been rushing out of their normal place in my mind and running around, screaming “Write about me! USE ME IN YOUR POST!”

And I had sort of a ‘Emily’s got talent’ inside my brain to decide what will actually be used; now I’ve come to a tie between two topics. I’m a bit lazy today so, instead of two separate posts, I am putting them together! Clever, huh? Now to start the first tale – let the rambling begin!

Detective May…

At school today, with some friends, I found syomething close to a horror story type thing. There is this small wooded area in a lonely field which – if you go past the fence – leads onto a dense forest. This area is out-of-bounds, and it’s next to the science block.

After science, at lunch, we decided to check the place out. It was raining, as most people probably noticed today! As we went in (two at a time with someone as lookout), everything got a little quieter; it didn’t really help! In the middle was a muddy ditch, and we went over to take a look.

In the mud was a disgusting and terrifying sight: a bone…a human bone. (cue dramatic music!) We were freaked out, and to make it worse, we saw something quite big scutter through the bushes further on!! I decided to go back inside after that.

But me and my friend couldn’t get this off of our minds. It was like I was a detective on a case – we formed a sort of half-detective group called Mystery and vowed to do all we can to solve the case. We later on found out after a bit of snooping that in the science block there was an explosion! A girl and her friend were messing around, and the girl turned on the gas tap. Not knowing of the dreadful consequences, she then lit a splint and held it a little too close to the gas…boom.

This girl was called Samantha Lovelle and she died at twelve years old. Very close to the science block and the bone, is her memorial. The girl who perished in the explosion. What happened to her friend? Nobody knows! I have a feeling that mystery girl is connected very strongly to the case. Later on I will be delving deeper into the situation. But there’s no way I could go too far and get myself into trouble with some supernatural force…is there?


My post is already way too long so I’ll say this quickly. I’ve always been drawn to the number 7. It’s my lucky number and I just feel a certain ‘pull’ towards it. So when my good friend Tom from Me! Me! Me me me! had the coincidence of running into the number 777 in a lot of posts, I was really drawn to it. I’m going to find out as much as I can. The year, the number, the symbolism, and any other random facts. You can follow it on the 777 page which I will soon write.

But for now, bye! Sweet dreams!


3 thoughts on “Pick-a-Mix Post!

  1. Never say never, or something like that, Emily! Keep posting, and people will keep reading (over time…!)
    Write as much or as little as you want to… it’s your blog!
    Your investigation has revealed an awful accident, but another mystery too! Good luck with your investigations there! And 777? That’s quite a number! 😉

    • Thank you, Tom. I plan to look into this mystery more, as Detective May! And 777 is quite a big number, but I’ve already found out some info within a day! So I’d say it’s going well…

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