My Own Technique for Clearing the Mind

Today the jumbled-upness of my mind got to my  head. I felt so confused and, yes, even frightened. I needed to clear it out.

I considered meditating, but Id forgotten the technique and wasn’t prepared to go through my Reiki Bible looking for it. It was too late for a walk. Family members wouldn’t have been able to have me over, or visit me on such short notice. What should I do?

So, I turned to my inner voices (naming will be later!) and “my spirits” which are versions of me – except they are not inside me. Basically like ghosts, walking the earth but never seen; spirits, as we know, are only felt, kind of sensed wherever they are.

Here is their (rather strange, I must say!) solution:

Play swingball. 


I have bought a new swingball set and it is lovely, if I must say. Bright with a good base and top, great ball with spare, and a holder for the two brilliantly bright berry red bats. Wow!

So I was thinking, well … if you say so! I was puzzled by this as a way to clear the mind. But I knew I was not to argue with the wisdom of the Emily Council.

I’ve just been out, playing swingball, I have reached my verdict…


And this time I can actually find the note I wrote it on inside my mind; since it is all clear, and almost neat and tidy!!!

There is a moral to this silly little story :-

Always listen to your Inner Council. They are there to guide you.


But that does not mean we go around asking them about everything. It makes for an entirely dull life – no risk, no uncertainty, no challenges, no ability to think for yourself etc.

Think how unbearable life would be! The unknown is the shine to life, it gives it its golden gleam.

Don’t stop shining up your life with it!


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